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Satoyama Bento Box

Satoyama Bento BoxServing 10 meals a day

For Itsukaichi VisitorsCarefully selected Local food “Satoyama Bento Box”

We carefully select local ingredients in Itsukaichi for Satoyama dishes (Traditional dishes)
It takes an hour to reach the countryside from central Tokyo. But the blessed nature provides us unique local foods.
We use seasonal and local ingredients for this bento.
Reservations are highly recommended.

※Limited 5 Serving weekend and holiday.available up to 10 serving in the case of reservation,.

Homemade buckwheat noodles

Homemade buckwheat noodlesStock lasts

For stronger flavor, we use buckwheat flour blended with buckwheat chaff called “Nihachi Soba”

One on our signature dishes is this handmade buckwheat noodle.
We blend 80%buckwheat flour grown in Hokkaido, and 20% wheat flour to let you enjoy the special blend’s aroma.
With the noodles make with buckwheat flour blended with buckwheat chaff, and our soup seasoned with real bonito flakes and flavorful soy sauce, we hope you enjoy this unique dish.


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