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Address Akiruno shi Sobadokoro Yanagiya
Food Buckwheat and White wheat noodle and Japanese Sake
Phone 042-596-0071(Reservation)
※Please tell the assistant you saw this website.
Please click her to make a reservation.

218 Tateya Akiruno Tokyo 190-0163 Japan
1 minute away from Musashi Itsukaichi station

Opening Hours Wed to Fri: 11:00am – 2:00pm (last order at 1:30pm)
Sat, Sun, and holidays: 11:00am – 3:00pm (last order at 2:30pm)
Closed Closed every Monday and Tuesday
Seats 24 seats (tables only)
Affiliated parking lot

TIMES Musashi-Itsukaichi (Parking ticket service available)
26-1 Tateya Akiruno Tokyo 190-0166 Japan
*Please present your parking ticket at the time of payment.

Contact us Please clik here
SNS Facebook
Credit Card Cash only
Non smoking time No smoking (including heated tobacco products)
Memo Our location is in front of the station for easy access, instead of noisy trains you will enjoy the meal surrounded by great nature views and birds tweeting. Our Japanese classical building is designed by the owner personal touch.


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Our history

  1. Our First owner Tasuke and Kura opened a Yakitori bar in Feb, 1955.
  2. In 1955’s we remodel our Yakitori bar to a restaurant.
  3. Our 2nd generation owner Masakuni stared catering service.In 2000’s Our 3rd Generation owner Masayo graduated from Japanese food college and worked for Fukujyuan which is known for Buckwheat noodle and they re-opend as buckwheat noodle restaurant.

神が宿るまこも茶 神が宿るまこも茶

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